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Introduction Course

Course Description: This course explores the ways in which futuristic worlds are imagined, and how these visions radically transform our paradigms of identity, knowing, sensation, memory, and desire. A groundbreaking first look at how futurism plays out across our experiences of society, culture, technology, urban life, environment, information pathways, medical science, media, and design.

Course Outline:

1. Code Industries, Machinism, Materiality

2. Hyper-Reality, Meta-Markets, Energy

3. Inevitability, Acceleration, Virtuality

4. Transformation, Autonomy, Inventive Culture

5. Complexity, Unpredictability, the Metropolis

6. Extraction, Regeneration, Atmosphere

7. Virality, Exposure, Contagious Value

8. Biopolitics, Immortality, Genetic Engineering

9. Terminality, Sensation, Object Worlds

10. Neo-Psychology, Intelligence, Artificiality

11. Utopia, Dystopia, Hyper-Spatiality

12. Big Data, Digital Truth, Experimentation

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