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Mutation, Acceleration, Hyper-Reality


Surveillance, Revolution, Post-Human War

Mafia Man at Night Black and White

Artificiality, Algorithm, the Singularity

Image by Oliver Plattner

Emergence, Vanishing, the Phantom Territory

Image by Alessia Cocconi

Enchantment, Violence, the Visual/Unseen

Flamenco City Hall Theatre

Ecology, Frontier, Cosmic Risk

Image by Sandro Katalina

Text, Storyteller, the Inexistent World

Image by Sylvia Yang

Materiality, Formlessness, the Post-Planetary

Image by Tom Barrett

Fantasy, Underground, the Endgame

Image by Paul Green

Secrecy, Speculation, the Outside

Image by drmakete lab

Spectrality, Mapping, the Known/Unknown

Abstract Rock



City, Surface, Immersive Reality