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Course Outline: 

Session 1. Dream, Nightmare, Shadow-Writing

Session 2. Transformation, Travel, Mutation 

Session 3. Memory, Forgetting, Haunting

Session 4. Literatures of the Human and Inhuman


Course Description: 
This course explores various movements of futuristic literature across the world. From the most experimental surrealistic and science fiction authors to new global forms of storytelling and textual imagination, we will examine how such futuristic writings redefine the experience of narrative, meaning, language, and creativity.

What do the next generation of storytellers reveal about the delicate line between reality and illusion? From depictions of holograms and avatars to mind-expanding devices on the horizon, we will consider those most uncharted territories of inscription (the writing on the wall). What books might we find in the library of the future?

Instructor: Prof. Jason Mohaghegh


Future Literature

Future Literature

Future Literature
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Future Literature (Part 1)

Future Literature (Part 1)

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