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Course Outline:

Session 1. Futuristic Visuality

Session 2. Futuristic Performativity

Session 3. Futuristic Sensation

Session 4. Futuristic Aesthetics


Course Description: 
This course showcases some of the most dynamic examples in visual art, sound, theater, sculpture, and installation today, focusing on those striking works whose themes reorient or expand our notion of artistic futurity. What are the dramatic new approaches toward image-making, iconography, and performance? 

Moreover, what types of breakthroughs can world artists manifest amidst the proliferation of AI-generated images that operate with miraculous precision and velocity. How do they sabotage once-sacred older principles of mastery, craft, beauty, and creativity? What are the museums, galleries, and exhibitions of the future going to look like?

Instructor: Prof. Nora Khan


Future Art

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