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Unmute Video Sound

What does it mean to study the unknown, the secretive,

and the not-yet arrived?

There are so many things happening in the world around us, though with such little meaning and few ways to interpret them. The Future Studies Program provides the looking-glass and passcodes to understand these transformations.


The Future Studies Program is a visionary online endeavor taught by leading professors across the world to explore the most cutting-edge questions facing our global future. This includes captivating and complex discussions of radical shifts in world societies, cultures, technologies, political movements, ecology, information pathways, genetics and physical science, art and architecture, media and design, film, literature, and philosophical circles. 



The Future Studies Program brings into dynamic conversation individuals from diverse regions in order to construct a vital world of ideas, effectively bridging the global and the local through acute, immersive, and experiential thinking.



Interdisciplinary, Multimedia, Multicultural. The Program's Courses and Labs are designed according to a configuration of particular thematic realms—i.e., speed, virtuality, migration, viral culture, planetary and post-planetary design, enchantment, and destruction—that track various points of fascination in our lived surroundings.




The Future Studies Faculty are visionary scholars, authors, and professors from different universities who have demonstrated a long-standing concentration on futuristic currents in their areas of specialization and who are leaders of the intellectual scene.



Open to all levels, all interests, all persons who want to interact as collaborative agents of new thought and join an iconic, signature movement.

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