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Image by Benjamin Blättler


Project Collaboration between the Future Studies Program and David Spriggs (visual artist)

17th Venice Architecture Biennale
Italian Virtual Pavilion (2021)


Welcome to the Enter Future Simulation.

Here there are many doors. Behind each door, a tunnel; behind each tunnel, a hidden library, museum, and gallery of unknown objects. Some labs explore the riddles of time, space, and illusion. Others contain futuristic images of the mind, the machine, and the body. And even a final lab to test the mysterious possibilities of the non-future. Step forward now, while there is still time. 

You will make several choices here, each of which holds the path to 16 separate destinies. Move correctly to unlock 4 secret videos, each a message from the futuristic beyond.  

One should be careful what one wishes for.

Image: David Spriggs, Axis of Power (2009)

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