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Featured Course

Course Description: This course uses contemporary literature, philosophy, architecture, film, and visual art to analyze the ways in which futuristic cultures change the boundaries of time, space, movement, language, images, objects, and the body.

Course Outline:

1. Modernism, Post-Modernism, and Beyond

2. Fragmentation, Hybridity, Formlessness

3. Globality, Nature, Empire

4. Perfection, Beauty, Ideology

5. Futurity, Forgetting, Imagination

6. Simulation, Speed, Spectacle

7. Migration, Movement, Cityscape

8. Alienation, Chance, Catastrophe

9. Textuality, Irony, Illusion

10. Time, Space, Knowing

11. Theory, Phenomena, Superconductivity

12. Earthliness, Post-Humanism, Limitlessness

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