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certificate program

The Certificate Program is offered to those who wish to engage in more comprehensive, interactive, and personalized seminars at a higher level with our faculty.


You will take the most vanguard courses, enter into conversations with leading thinkers from across the globe, and join their research teams dedicated to unique projects whose results are published in the Future Labs.

"The future influences the present just as much as the past".

- Friedrich Nietzsche

The Certificate Program provides access to original live seminars offered nowhere else. These captivating sessions are taught by leading figures in the world of ideas who will change the way you look at all dimensions of reality while allowing you to explore it on your own individual terms. 


We invite you to step forward as forceful, unique thinkers in this futuristic endeavor.


The Certificate Program is open admission and culminates with a Certificate and Recommendation Letter from the Program Faculty, and thus by nature constitutes a premium offering.


In the Certificate Program, you will be granted access to:

●Live Interactive Seminars

[taken over 4 weeks  (2-hour sessions, 1 per week)]

●Four Total Seminars:

Three Available Electives of Choosing plus “Future World Intro Course”

●Real-Time Engagements

[discussions and presentations with feedback and commentary by professors]

●Collaborative Networks

[courses broken into vibrant studio groups with original independent projects to be published potentially within the Future Labs, forming long-term global connections]

●Future Studies Certificate

[validated through badging system showing credentials of all relevant faculty]

●Letter of Recommendation

[graduates receive professional recommendation usable for applications to graduate degree programs or private sector jobs]

●Capstone Residency Options:

Dubai, Tokyo [post-program added component]

●Fluid Requirements

[open, rolling admissions with immediate enrollment]

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